Future Projects/Projects in Progress


As my academic career at St. Mary’s University progresses I will continue to add to my list of projects and publications. I have already added one brand new publication and begun work on multiple projects this semester, and I hope to continue to add to this portfolio as I take on new projects. Below are just two brief descriptions of my work on upcoming projects.

“We Won’t Have Trouble Adjusting to the Fire Department or the men. They’ll Have Trouble Adjusting to Us:”: The Women Firefighters of SAFD

My graduate capstone project seeks to explore the lives of women firefighters in the San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD). Through the collection of oral histories I intend to assist these firefighters in telling the stories of their careers and lives as firefighters. My ultimate goal is to incorporate the oral histories into an exhibit which will open at the San Antonio Fire Department in Fall 2021. The abstract from my capstone proposal is pasted below.

 Abstract: For this capstone project I want to further explore the history of the San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD). In particular, I want to explore the history of women in SAFD and hopefully highlight women firefighters’ stories. Specifically, I would like to help the SAFD Museum expand their exhibit on women firefighters in SAFD, which right now consists of a photo wall and mannequin uniform display. The exhibit will focus on the history of women firefighters in general and then narrow to focus on women firefighters in SAFD.  The core of this exhibit will be oral history interviews conducted with both current and former women firefighters of SAFD. In their narrations I hope to capture what life as a woman firefighter in SAFD was and is like.

The Era of the Fifth Sun: The Rise and Fall of the Mexica (Film)

Film now posted! See Digital Projects and Films page on this site

Aztec Sun Stone, at National Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, Mexico, taken by Juan Carlos Fonseca Mata, June 28, 2019, unaltered, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/deed.en | Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons