About Me


Greetings! My name is Christopher Hohman and I am an junior dual degree student at St. Mary’s University-San Antonio studying history and public history. I enjoy writing and doing research on a variety of topics especially transatlantic ocean liners, European royalty, famous naval engagements, and local fire department history.

I am a life long San Antonian who loves the San Antonio Spurs and enjoys learning about my city’s local history. My love for history developed from a very young age. My grandfather, “Papo,” shared many of his history books with me when I was still just a young boy. I was six years old when my mother bought me my first Titanic book, which I used to shove under my mother’s car seat before leaving for school. Thus began my life long passion for Titanic which occasionally bordered on obsession, and has expanded over the years to include other ocean liners and sea-going vessels as well. A great deal of the work showcased on this site reflects my passion for ocean liners and naval history.

I remember the thrill of my middle school history classes where I learned about historical figures such as George Washington and Octavian of Rome. It was while I was in middle school that I realized just how passionate about history I was. I loved reading my textbook chapters, and I always performed well on tests and quizzes. My love for history followed me as I entered high school and was enhanced by my burgeoning love for reading, which developed in my final two years at Central Catholic High School.

My journey at St. Mary’s University began in the Fall of 2018, and it has brought me many opportunities and much joy. Throughout my academic career I have had the opportunity to conduct interesting research on topics that I care deeply about such as the world famous R.M.S. Titanic, San Antonio Fire Department History (SAFD), and even the cultural icon, Leonard Nimoy. My career at St. Mary’s has also brought me numerous job opportunities including a position as a writing tutor, where I help students hone their research and writing skills, as an undergraduate research assistant where I helped digitize a university-held collection of over 1,000 items, and as a graduate research assistant aiding my professor in collecting materials for his research on the Latino history of St. Mary’s University.

After my time at St. Mary’s has concluded I hope to become a secondary school educator. My goals as an educator include not only helping students master the content of their respective history courses, but also I intend to be a teacher whom the students can trust to be there for them should they need help with their school work.

This website is an introduction to my various publications, projects, future projects, career goals, and personal interests. Each section of my site showcases different selections of my work throughout my academic career at St. Mary’s University. My hope is that viewers of this site may, to a degree, come to know me, my abilities, my passions, and my academic work.

A picture of me at the Spring 2019 StMU History Media Awards, May 2019, taken by Professor Bradford Whitener of St. Mary’s University | Author’s Collection